Wednesday, June 3, 2009

K-On Anime Review

K-on is an anime about a rock band formed by high school girls. It's a light and fun anime to watch. Nuff said, it's actually one of the animes I'm looking forward to for this season, and it's also on the 9th episode as of writing this post.

Devil May Cry Anime Review

Devil May Cry is based on a game on PS. The idea is kind of cool, in fact it seems to be what this anime is about. The graphics and the coolness and the sound is, however, the only thing I don't really like about this anime is that the hero Dante seems to be literally invincible. Well, having an invincible character is not too bad, but it doesn't do well to have all his enemies so easily defeated. It's like in this whole series, he has only been fighting small fry, and no real boss-type level. I guess that's what disappointed me. Although there was indeed a "boss" in the final episode, he didn't have that much trouble defeating that one as well.

Oh well, so much for this anime. I still think that Hellsing and Claymore top the animes of this demon-action genre.

Cross Game Anime Review

Cross Game is an anime that revolves around baseball. It's one of the anime that I'm looking forward to watching, since it's still ongoing. Cross Game's plot is light and enjoyable. The graphics fits the lightness of the mood--the art is nothing too complicated and has a tinge of childishness in it. But don't judge this anime by its cover.

As of writing this post it's already on its 9th episode. I'm expecting more fun and adrenaline in the next battles of fast pitching and batting.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skip Beat Anime Review

I find Skip Beat really fun to watch, what with Mogami's interesting character that switches from her kind personality to her mean side. Honestly, in the start I didn't feel like watching it because I've heard that it's about showbiz and acting. And the drawing on the cover looks like it's a new anime drawn a decade or two ago, with the sailormoon type of art. But I was really mistaken, it has good story, great art, and the characters are lovable.

The story revolves around Kyoko Mogami who decided to join the showbiz world and become an actor in order to get her revenge against Fuwa Sho, who dumped her. Well, it's not really a love story, although it does have some parts of that. But it's really fun, it can be touching at times, and again, fun most of the time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Toradora! Anime Review

Toradora is a really fun anime. It's the type of anime that's a slice of teenage life--school, fun, love, and friends.

Toradora consists of 25 episodes and revolves around 5 main characters: Ryuuji, Taiga, Minorin, Ami, and Kitamura.

If you like anime's like School Rumble, Lucky Star, Honey and Clover, and Air, then I would highly recommend watching this anime as well.

Friday, March 6, 2009

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kannagi Anime Review

The anime is quite fine. It's composed of 13 episodes. The animation is quite okay, nothing too serious with the plot, and it can be a bit fun at times. One thing I really like about Kannagi is it's ending song.